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San jose / bay area : hardware person wanted -full time-

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Make test jigs, characterise prototypes.
Perform measurements using scope, pc, multimeters , power supplies. And document procedures and results
Design circuits , power supplies, battery chargers,
Debug board level stuff and bringup of prototypes
Maintain parts stock and prepare assembly kits for the subcontractor
Order parts , keep track of stuff
Help the firmware guys during bringup of i2c , spi can and other busses when they can't get it to work : check wiring, signal levels, protocol etc.
Assemble and rework prototypes. 0201 0402 0603 and chip scale packages. Good manual dexterity and steady hand is required ( we have Mantis microscopes, reflow / hot air stations and very fine pitch soldering equipment. All you need is to bring a steady hand.

Bonus points
- familiar with ARM cortex / keil (board support / hal kind of work: de ugging low level code / driver code on arm)
- familiar with altium (schematic /board )
- familiar with low power design (designs running years from a coincell)

this is a full time job locate in the heart of San Jose. We have a VTA and bus stop literally at our door.

Essentially looking for a self starter / hobbyist that wants to learn and apply his skills.

Just to be clear: Is this for Tesla or your other 'gig'?

other gig. nothing to do with Tesla

How about H1B ?

Damn, I would be perfect for this position! If only it was about 850 miles to the north.  :-\


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