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Seeking PCB Designer to work on an existing PCB layout to make some changes

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Am looking for a PCB designer to help me make some changes to a PCB layout.

Had a PCB layout completed and ordered it from JLCPCB, once in hand realized there were some issues and needed some changes to the unit. The person we had originally hired through Upwork is no longer available and would like to find someone else that could help us with the changes.

Looking to pay $40-$70 USD / hr to help with this task.

Anyone looking for some freelance work?

you should say what CAD package was used in the design. 


--- Quote from: Smokey on April 18, 2024, 11:43:10 pm ---you should say what CAD package was used in the design.

--- End quote ---
And whether you have the source files, or just the Gerbers

Fair enough. The project was created in KiCAD and yes I have the source files.

Also worth noting some additional information:

ESP32 unit with 7 IO ports being used;
4 are for sensors
1 is an RGB LED
1 is for turning on/off 12V to external device

Will require an NDA agreement to be signed before we initiate work.

Would really prefer the person we work with to be in Canada or USA.

Thank you in advance!

Pm sent.


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