Author Topic: Looking for embedded IoT design and adaptive BAS engineer  (Read 969 times)

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Looking for embedded IoT design and adaptive BAS engineer
« on: January 26, 2021, 07:15:25 am »

I am Soner from INESS ( )

I-NESS system is a simplified, after-market, adaptive building management system that requires minimal 'construction' work to integrate into any building that does not have any smart building system. With I-NESSs’ sensors that are wireless/battery-powered and an adoptive AI engine that operates stand-alone building systems, like fridges, AC, and lighting, any building will become intelligent, efficient, and sustainable.
I-NESS is an easy to integrate, affordable Navigation system for creating sustainable and efficient non-BMS small commercial buildings. The analysis software combines human behavior patterns with indoor circumstances to optimize the operations and efficiency in small and medium-size buildings.

What we are looking for:

We are now upgrading the hardware that we have designed last year and develop the new version in order to focus on small and medium-sized buildings.
We are looking for someone that can join our team as a late founder, lead and develop the new version of the embedded hardware technology.
We would prefer someone from NYS, and also can work for hands on and be a part of a great team and company that is scaling.

We are looking for builders and champions with generous high-fives the following abilities:

Establish a firmware vision. Balance bias, experience, and status quo to create a compelling roadmap for the business.
Design, specify, and test. Own firmware design
Build a strong network. Establish strategic vendor relationships to expedite prototyping and long-term product enablement for jointly developing connected water solutions.
Lead forward. Provide technical thought leadership and expertise, bringing along key business partners and scaling the IoT team over time.
Partner across the business. Work closely with our Information Systems department, Digital Product Management, Engineering, Project Management, and Quality teams to ensure connected products meet overall system requirements and leverage existing business solutions and systems.
Stay technically fresh. Provide insight to cloud PaaS trends, IoT trends, and embedded component and sensor breakthroughs to ensure fast-paced leading solutions for near and long-term market viability.
Bring energy to the team. Lead hardworking discussions and teach new methods, practice high emotional awareness to ensure you are challenging the status quo while enabling the adoption of the best future outcome.
Think iteratively. Break complex problems down into bite-size iterations, while ensuring long-term alignment to strategy.

Education & Experience:

5+ years in IoT and adaptive controlling systems of HVAC, BMS, and BAS
Electrical, Computer, Engineering or Engineering Technology
Experience in Linux and kernel design
Low Power firmware optimization
Understanding of ARM Cortex-M & CMSIS
Wireless Standards (Wi-Fi, BLE, LoRaWAN, Cellular, 802.15.4)
IoT FIrmware Application
Sensor knowledge
Uses datasheets as bedtime reading material
Mastery of C, C++, Python
Electronics Hardware Design
Mbed OS
Cypress MCU’s

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Re: Looking for embedded IoT design and adaptive BAS engineer
« Reply #1 on: January 26, 2021, 07:56:14 am »
Sorry for offtopic, not a job seeker, even i know most of topics, except BMS, but studying BACNet puzzled me.
Requirements is really cool, especially:
Uses datasheets as bedtime reading material
I wonder how many people do this thing, because reading datasheets does not let you fall asleep, as new ideas come to mind.
IMO best bedtime story is "Art of electronics", it make me asleep in 5-10 pages  :D

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