Author Topic: Civilian-Owned F-5 Fighter Aircraft HUD Computer redesign - San Diego, CA  (Read 1711 times)

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We own several Canadian CF-5D aircraft that we currently operate on contract with various flight test and military contract work.  These aircraft were retrofitted in the mid 1990s with an F-18 style HUD and HUD computer manufactured by Ferranti, UK.  This system is no longer supported, and we have some information, but not complete technical data.  The first part of the project entails re-engineering the HUD computer to run on a modern COTS computer, and to adapt the COTS box to run the existing mission software.  The HUD computer communicates via MIL-STD-1553, so some knowledge of 1553 will be helpful. The HUD computer received data from the Air Data Computer, the Inertial Navigation System (ring laser gyro), and the ARC-164 UHF radio.  The HUD computer is also the 1553 the buss controller.  The HUD computer primarily generates stroke video to drive the HUD CRT, but also outputs raster video for a rear seat HUD repeater and video recorder.  Should we be successful in re-engineering the computer, we would also like to consider replacing the CRT display engine on the HUD with a solid state solution such as a LED, LCD, or DLP light engine, but retain the existing HUD optics and combiner.   There will be an opportunity to participate in the flight-test program if desired - get your Mach 1 patch!

These aircraft operate under civilian FAA experimental category reducing any certification requirements. We are flexible on work logistics - obviously some onsite work in San Diego is necessary as that's where the aircraft are based, and ideally the successful candidate will live in so cal, or will be able to relocate to San Diego, or commute here on a regular basis.  However, much of this project can probably be done remotely.  The successful candidate should have extensive hardware and software integration experience - not necessarily in aviation, but experience with military aviation systems is a definite plus.  Full-time salaried work is preferred here in San Diego, but other modalities considered for right candidate.  This is a long-term position if desired beyond this project, as we have many other aviation projects to pursue as we ramp up our operations.  We offer highly-competitive salary w/ benefits.  I'm the owner, so you will work directly with me on this project.  Please contact me via email with a concise resume, project history, and salary requirements . . .  Dee L. Conger - CEO - Circle Air Group ( .. . .


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Re: Civilian-Owned F-5 Fighter Aircraft HUD Computer redesign - San Diego, CA
« Reply #1 on: December 31, 2021, 10:19:07 am »
Sounds like a fantastic opportunity and I'm already jealous of whoever gets to take it up  :-+
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Re: Civilian-Owned F-5 Fighter Aircraft HUD Computer redesign - San Diego, CA
« Reply #2 on: December 31, 2021, 08:12:04 pm »
Came here to say that. I am not the guy for this job, I wish I was, it sounds like an awesome opportunity for someone with the right set of skills. It would be great if whoever does take it on is able to publish some details about the project.

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A PM was sent to OP.

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