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Small job - GUI software development (Bologna, Italy)


Hi everyone,

I have almost completed a hardware/firmware development on STM32 micro and now I am looking for help about the GUI.

The GUI should be portable on Linux Ubuntu, Win 8+, Mac OSX. Ideally I need something like SALEAE logic 1.x graphics with fixed number of channels. The data to be displayed are collected during time so mouse zoom and scroll needs to be implemented. Data are transferred to the application using USB. Export of data to .csv file format is the only output required.

If you are interested, and preferably live close to Bologna, send me a message with your previous experience. I will collect the nomination for review before the end of January, work will start on second half of February.

Best Regards from Italy

You could perhaps make your own rebranded version of PulseView which has it's source code available under the GPLv3 license.

Thanks for the hint but I am looking for someone that can do the work for me. I have not enough skills and time.


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