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Small RF electronics/PCB design (KiCad) jobs - Bitcoin payment

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I have some small projects that need doing, I've simply not got enough time in the day to do it myself.

You'll be taking hand-drawn schematics, bringing them into KiCad, and producing a board layout and BOM. If you can read German that's helpful as parts need to be sourced from German suppliers.

Some of the projects involve RF so if you have experience there that will be helpful, nothing too exotic, just keeping traces short and having ground planes well-connected with vias.

If you have experience creating finished products or enclosures that would be nice, we will need to work out some solution to case these up.

Payment is via Bitcoin (projects are legal & above board), paying 50% up front 50% on completion, you should have some kind of reputation on here.

Hi, I tried sending you a message but your inbox is full.

I believe PMs are disabled until a user has a least 5 posts.

"cryptoprojects" seems to have gone absent after his initial post; has not been back here since two weeks. And anyway, I would apply his "you should have some kind of reputation on here" requirement to himself too and not touch this project.

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@ebastler Sorry to have offended you, but there is risk to me hiring someone with no reputation (I send money and get nothing) ... but there is not much risk to them (they get free money?).


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