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Speaking Clock MkII (1954) - Restoration - Melbourne


Rob Graham:
Hi all,

We are looking for an engineer that is confident with heritage electronics and understands updating them to be in a public environment.

The Speaking Clock we are working with is getting ready to be on display at the National Communications Museum in Hawthorn, Melbourne, Australia.

The unit we are working on is (number 2) of the four Mark II machines produced in England for use in Australia. We have schematics, layout and assembly information. 

The Mark 2 clock, which was a replica of the Mark 1, uses photographic soundtracks with quartz crystal oscillators and was produced in 1954.

This unit has been modified and has LED lights and Micro Amps that have been updated, we need to test these.

This machine runs, we need help checking it is safe for daily operation, help calibrating and servicing and potentially finishing the modifications that have been done.

Please get in touch if you are keen to work on this amazing machine!

Email -
Phone - 0409336251


Wow, I hope you hire someone who can eventually publish the tale, with your permission of course. It would be fascinating to read.

Rob Graham:
Thanks retiredfeline,

If you know anyone with the skills please send them my details :)


There used to be a museum at the Telstra Hawthorn exchange near the corner of Burwood and Glenferrie roads. I kept meaning to go but never did and then it looked like it was closed down. It still looks boarded up when I passed recently.

Is this place open now somewhere else? I'm assuming there is some kind of link. I found a link to which just returned a cloudfare error 522 and this link which says it will reopen Summer 2022 which was a year ago. But the map points to the same place.

I rang the number but there was no answer or message.

On a side note: One museum display I did go to see was at Scienceworks in Spotswood. Australias first computer from 1949 was CSIRAC was put on display in 2018 .  There must have been some publicity about it at the time  and it was certainly pre-pandemic I went to see it. There is plenty there for a family adventure but the computer display had a feeling of being a bit of an afterthought stuck in a corner as it is. I wonder if it is still there and the display has been enhanced.

Rob Graham:
Hi Wilfred,

Yes, we are currently building the new National Communications Museum at that site in Hawthorn, keep an eye on the building and come visit once we are open! Lots of amazing objects, stories and old and new communications technology and artwork to share, everything from first nations message sticks to satellites and AI. 

Yes I used to work at Scienceworks and look after the Planetarium, I haven't been there for about 5 years now, I noticed the CSIRAC was a bit off the beaten track.

Please send anyone my way if you find the right person for this job.



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