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The EEVblog is HIRING
« on: May 19, 2023, 04:48:00 am »
I'm looking for someone to help expand the EEVBlog merchandising and store and take it to the next level.
This role is NOT based in the lab, you can be located anywhere. Work from home or the beach for all I care, as long as you get the job done.
The role is on an hourly contract basis. Basically, bill me monthly for however many hours you work on it. So you'll need to keep track of that yourself. The hourly rate is negotiable. You won't be an EEVblog employee, you'll be an independent professional services contractor, with whatever that entails tax-wise wherever you live.

Stuff you must be really good at:
- Setup and managing online stores, payment gateways and shipping systems. Wordpress, Woocommerce, Shopify, Amazon, Ebay, PayPal,  Stripe, DHL, crypto gateways etc
- Research and advise on new areas of mechandise, products, and new providers and platforms. What are the latest creators using and doing? What services integrate best with Youtube and other platforms?
- Research, find and negotiate with shipping and handling companies to find new avenues for getting product to EEVblog viewers faster and cheaper in every country around the world.
- Writing technical ad copy and editing photos etc
- Design, or at least organise design of new merch and new platforms for distributing them globally. You should also have a good intuition for what the EEVblog audience would want for merch. Bring your ideas.
- Also handle daily forum admin related tasks (SMF), and other Wordpress website stuff.

That's the main role. Basically, can you grow my currently pathetic merch and fledgling product business into something that's better for the audience and the business bottom line. You must be pro-active in finding and recommending solutions to me and then making them happen.

I know this job technically could be done by almost anyone given enough training and enthusiasm. But I'm first looking for someone who can show they have worked on this stuff before and they are really good at it.
I have no idea what someone's skillset or background would look like for this role, just convince me it's you and name your hourly rate.
Maybe you are/have handled the mech business for other creators?
Maybe you already have your own online store and know the business inside and out?

NOTE: Last time I advertised a position I got over 500 applications, and that was for a specific technical in-house role. So whilst I will look at and consider all applications, please understand that I can't reply to everyone.

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