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Hi, I work for a small electronics design consultancy in Nottingham UK and love my job. Loads of variety and challenge. We are looking to expand and my boss has put this up on LinkedIn.

"We are recruiting for an electronics design engineer for our growing design consultancy.

Are you an exceptional electronics engineer fed up of designing the same sort of products over and over, starting to stagnate in your career or being made to work long hours for no extra pay to meet a deadline you had forced upon you?

Working at Ignys will challenge and stretch your engineering skills and give you the variety of work that you thought you would get when you started your career.

We recognise the importance of work/life balance and are a family-oriented business with a flexible approach.  We have a modern office within the University of Nottingham Innovation Park. We are equally happy for you to work at home when you don’t need to be on site in our well kitted electronics lab. 

We expect you to deliver outstanding results for our customers but also encourage you to be with your family for the key life milestones and important events.

Of course, the nature of providing quality electronics design services means that these vacancies are not for everyone, you have to be a top-class engineer and to excel at solving problems, working with customers, setting a project plan and keeping on track to deliver it."


If you want any info post here or pm me.

Cheers, hope to work with one of you

Glad to hear you enjoy your work, looks varied which is nice. Too far away for me though.

Scanning of crabs is interesting but I didn't get the full story :-(
Half-way down (after "£200") the article switches to fire detectors?
Did it work!?

Haha good spot. Yeah worked a treat. Boss told and hopefully getting fixed

Hi veryevil!
I have left you a PM if you have time to read it.

Hi, just a quick note that we have just listed a new testimonials and have the other one fixed.


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