Author Topic: US: PIC Programmer - Contract/Gig  (Read 3305 times)

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US: PIC Programmer - Contract/Gig
« on: March 21, 2024, 09:01:47 pm »
I have a very small one-off program that I need written. Needs to be in MPLAB X. Please let me know if interested.

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Re: US: PIC Programmer - Contract/Gig
« Reply #1 on: March 22, 2024, 03:48:21 pm »
Hi there,
I am interested in learning a bit more about what you need, and when.
You mentioned MPLAB X, but that just the IDE.
What is the target MCU (a PIC, I assume from title), desired programming language(s), build tools and libraries, target hardware, and schedule?  Depending on the function, testing may require some bench equipment.

Here's where I'm at:
I am currently working on a small firmware project targeting Microchip(Atmel) ATmega series, bare-metal code in C, using Microchip Studio 7 IDE.  It's a sense-and-display application, optimized for very low power.  I expect this to keep me mostly busy for a month or two as a part-time project.

I do not currently use MPLAB X or target PIC, but I'm am pretty agnostic on this, and wouldn't expect this to be an issue.  I would just need to check which programmer/debugger tool is required for your choice of MCU.  For my last project, I was shipped a prototype so that I could download and incrementally test sections of code, then optimized for performance, robustness and power use.

My previous ATmega project was my first on that platform, but it was not an issue to deliver first-time right code.  I've jumped around on different MCUs over the years: 6502 (way back), 6800, HC05, HC11, COP8, 8085, often working in assembly.  I prefer C where possible for easy of reading/maintaining.

If you are in a super-rush, I probably can't help you.  If the schedule is flexible, then so are my rates.  This is a side thing I'm am doing, mostly because I enjoy it more than binge-watching Netflix with my family.  ;-)



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Re: US: PIC Programmer - Contract/Gig
« Reply #2 on: March 24, 2024, 01:59:40 pm »
Hi Everyone,

I’m all set with this for now.


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