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My employer is trying to find an FPGA engineer and recruitment agencies are pretty useless.  So I'm posting here. 

The job on offer is full-time employment and not just a contract.

Broad specification:
- Primarily working on Xilinx and Microsemi parts, 5 years or more experience desirable but happy to look at junior engineers with demonstrated know how
- Verilog is our language of choice and all HDL is written in Verilog.  We'll consider someone with VHDL experience but would need to see commitment to learning Verilog
- Must be able to use simulation, test benches, debugging tools etc
- Good at documenting your work:  well commented, self-documenting HDL, modular construction, creating specifications and reports
- Generally we like to see candidates with a related degree but extensive experience may be substituted in some cases

- Any experience with software development is a big plus.  Most of our software is in C/C++ and certain tools and test software in Python so experience here is positive.
- Any experience with image processing/cameras or DSP (e.g. audio, RF stuff)
- Any experience with thermal imaging
- Any specific experience with Xilinx Zynq or Xilinx UltraScale Zynq
- Solid understanding of AXI and custom AXI peripheral design (with/without helper IP)
- Open source or personal projects you've worked on that we can review the code of

Hybrid work available.  Office is in Cambridge, UK, and would likely tolerate a mostly remote work position,  however UK residence is essential.   We have a current FPGA engineer that lives about 2 hours drive away and is only in the office once a month or so.   Candidates must have right to work in the UK (sorry, just the rules for our industry) and be able to pass basic clearance.   

The job involves some work in the defence sector but does not require full security clearance. 

Please PM me if interested.

Edited:  More details added.
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