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We are looking for a: Firmware Engineer (m/f) APPLY NOW!


Location: Belgium: zandhoven (antwerp region)

You will play a key role in our team, making an important link between different roles:

•   You develop firmware in C, paying attention to low energy consumption
•   You design and use protocols for RF and digital communication
•   You collaborate with hardware engineers who develop PCB’s and electronic circuits
•   You also work together with the middleware-team in order to make the data processing at higher software layers as efficient as possible
•   You analyze the PCB’s and circuits for hardware bug detection
•   You design, develop and use test-tools
•   You integrate our hardware with new sensors or 3rd party applications
•   You write out the development documentation

Your profile:

•   You are pragmatic, analytical and are always looking for solutions
•   You are a great communicator and are able to explain complex matters in a clear way
•   You are flexible, pro-active, structured and obsessed by quality
•   Your English is proficient. Any other language you speak, is an asset
Required knowledge and experience:
•   Experience in writing firmware for microcontrollers in C
•   You know how to use lab tools like oscilloscopes, spectrum analyzers, logic analyzers, etc.
•   You know how to distill low-level requirements and technical solutions from high-level problems

Desired knowledge and experience:
•   Master in engineering with specialty in Electronics or equivalent by experience
•   Experience in SPI/I2C/UART
•   Knowledge of RF systems - ideally 868 Mhz - and experience with RF development
•   Basic knowledge of antenna technology will come in handy
•   Protocol design, review and documentation (RF protocol, communication protocol, …)

What we offer:

An opportunity to take part in the growth of an innovative company, which is developing its business internationally.
As our team is expanding, you will be allowed to grow, only limited by your own ambition.
A fun place to work comes together with a competitive salary.

Viloc is a young, high-tech company with a unique solution for tool management in the construction sector.

We install tiny radio transmitters on small construction tools like drills or angle grinders. These RF tags automatically transmit data via base-units to the internet, allowing our customers to track their tools in a web application, giving them information about the whereabouts of the tools, their usage, etc.
This web application makes it possible to automate the tool management at these construction companies.
At this moment, we are applying this at numerous major construction companies in Belgium and the Netherlands, but we are planning a rapid roll-out throughout Europe and beyond. Our vision is that, in 5 years, every drill will be connected to the “internet of things”. We will be the enabler for the construction companies and the tool manufacturers to realize this.

To bring this ambition to reality, we need a strong development team with a multi-disciplinary experience in software, hardware, firmware and product development.


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