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Web developer for hire (age verification for Summup online shop)


I have a friend who needs help with his online shop.

It is commercial work on a small online shop selling mobile phone accessories, power banks and electronic vapourware cigarettes. He told me the shop is with Squarespace and Summup. There is no age verification for restricted items. Summup told him that this was something they can't provide and needed to hire a web developer. So he'll need a plugin or something built for this to comply with the UK regulations on restricted goods.

I believe it will be implementing a third party plugin that will work or building it from scratch.


Any developers here interested in taking this sort of work and how much will he be looking at?

For those who are interested you can message me and I'll reply with his email address if you want to know more details about the hosting and site to work out a quote.

Better just advise him to use any other shop software than the one from sumup. Those asshats bought out the accounting software we used and turned it into a unusable, locked-down mess.

I have sent my cv.pdf


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