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I need the services of a programmer for STM32
« on: July 29, 2019, 10:12:28 am »

I need the services of a programmer for STM32.

It is about adapting the STM32CubeF7 video player source code with the STM32F769I-EVAL evaluation board, to a custom made board with the same STM32F769 microcontroller and with a Round screen with MIPI interface. In addition, a serial port must be added to receive commands that trigger the video to be played.

I have the round MIPI screens and datasheet, as well as an adapter board with the connectors for these screens. For the tests, an STM32F769I-DISCO evaluation board can be used, but the sources will have to be modified, because this board uses the SD2, and the EVAL the SD1, in addition the card detect is managed differently.

The evaluation boards, both DISCO and EVAL, use rectangular MIPI screens, in my custom made board they must work with round screens, also with MIPI interface.

The source code is already done, it is the one that supplies ST in the STM32CubeF7, you just have to modify it and adapt it, with the features that I have indicated, that are basically modify access to the SD card holder of the DISCO board (SD2 instead SD1), add serial port and modify or configure, if necessary, to work with round screens.

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