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[eeschema] Update all symbols in library at once _updated_


See update at the end

Hey eevFolks,

The problem:
I have a schematics with lots of densely placed LED.
I used the LED_Small symbol from the default Device library.
It's fine, except that the value "LED_Small" of each symbol is not needed and is detrimental to the readability.
I created a new symbol in my library with the value text hidden (and a few esthetics adjustments).

What I can do (unsatisfactory method):
I then used Tools > Edit Symbol Library References... to pick my new Symbol.
Symbol graphics were updated, but the "value" field still appears. When I check one of the symbol's properties, I see that this field's "show" option is still checked. That means I'd have to go into each LED symbol properties and manual uncheck this option.

Another way is, in the symbol's properties, click the "Update Fields from Library", then select "Value" in "Fields to Update", unable the "Reset field's visibilities", then "OK" on both windows.
That can be problematic when one has to update dozens of symbols.

The question:
Is there a way to use the "Edit Symbol Library Reference" in a way that also updates the visibility settings from the new symbol? Or any way to edit this property for several placed symbols at once?

I found that I could have used Edit > Updates Fields from Libraries..." to update all the symbols' fields.
The weird thing is it didin't work at first.
I tried several times, making sure to check "Value" in the "Fields to Update" list and to unable "Reset Field visibilities"; and it finally worked. I think it's the same way sometimes closing Eeschema and reopening it solves issues (symbol not found, displayed as question marks in a square).

So it's another quirk from KiCad that makes its charm, I guess...

Remove the old ones.  Place your new schematic symbol once.  Edit it until it has the right visibilities, footprint, custom props, doc, simulation, or other properties you want.  Then duplicate as needed (right-click on it, select Duplicate and remember the keyboard shortcut shown) to populate all the other positions.


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