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Better Multiple PCB Support In V7?

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The advise I got for V6 was to open separate projects for each PCB in a design. Has this changed with V7? Or too early to tell?

No change.

That's what I feared.


--- Quote from: retiredfeline on May 14, 2023, 11:22:45 am ---No change.

--- End quote ---

The limitations in KiCad 7 (unchanged from 6) are:

* One schematic file per project -- which may be a set of multiple sheets, held together in a hierarchy.

* One PCB layout page per project -- which may contain milling contours to outline multiple separate, physical boards.Depending on what you have in mind, this may work just fine for a "multiple PCB" project: If the multiple boards are always used together and manufactured together, e.g. a main board with two piggyback boards which carry a display and interface buttons, a single KiCad project can handle that nicely.

But if the multiple PCBs are more loosely coupled and can be "mixed and matched", e.g. a bus system with different optional plug-in boards and more to come later, I would keep them in separate projects.

My present project is more like one PCB for the power supply and about 7 or 8 identical PCBs in addition to that for the works. So the numbers may or may not line up.

Perhaps a 3 x 3 layout with one power supply and 8 individual boards. That might even save money when purchasing the boards.

It would really be nice to have everything in one project.

If I decide to try this how does the process work? I understand you need a root drawing to show how all the pieces are connected. But how are the individual PCBs shown in that drawing? Custom part symbols perhaps with the INs and OUTs shown in a manner like pin numbers on ICs? And then individual drawings for each PCB? Do I start at the root drawing and then work down? Or with the individual PCB drawings and then work up?

Perhaps there is a video or written lesson on this? I will look.


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