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--- Quote from: janoc on December 02, 2023, 11:14:13 am ---That the OP didn't get a ratsnest line between the two bits and a DRC failure could be caused by several things, none of which is a bug but user error:

- Not having a schematic at all. No comment ...
- DRC disabled/misconfigured. No comment ...
- The trace is redundant and the two parts are connected by something else elsewhere on the board already.
- Ratsnest display disabled. This sometimes behaves a bit strange and even when enabled the ratsnest may not always appear reliably. So if it was enabled

--- End quote ---
wrong (altough i'm using the defaults for minimum connection width. will check on that. If the default is 0.000000001mm or whatever minimum physical distance that's another problem as i think kicad should propose me with a sensible default as it does with almost every other option)

--- Quote ---There is also a big difference between dragging (leaves connections intact and will apply push-and-shove routing) and moving (breaks connections). Dragging doesn't always work because if the traces simply won't fit between the components anymore without violating the DRC constraint. I am not quite sure what is the software supposed to do in such case, though? Pushing components around too while dragging is most certainly not desired.  :-//

--- End quote ---

Diptrace version 3 doesn't have push and shove, so it will take the nearest node and extend/move from there. Anything that overlaps you have to rearrange manually, or unroute/route. This is only how i was used to work and i agree that usually PnS is much more efficient so i'm just going to unroute/reroute anyway.
But my pet peeve with drag is that even when doing movement that follows the direction of the last segment, kicad tends to screw up the trace so it overlaps something even at the first step, making drag useless most of the times for me

Doctorandus_P seems to get it

Edit: I can confirm that changing the minimum connection width in design rules, while it does not show the ratline because even one atom of contact is enough to hide it (fine with me), it does report the warning "copper connection too narrow", which is what i was looking for.

I will accept this as a PEBCAK even though i find it amusing that kicad comes with a default set of rules and constraints that are completely fine with cheap PCB services (which is what i use for prototypes so i didn't bother to change after a quick check) and yet this parameter has a default of "zero". The same can be said for minumum track size (because i think you REALLY want it to be a micrometer wide, track width is something you usually decide anyway) and minimum clearance (although the last one is probably overridden by net classes clearances)


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