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Can kicad DRC flag the following poorly constructed trace?

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The likely cause is user error - inconsistent routing grids, followed by a cleanup tracks that removed a track segment at the bend. 

I don't think it can. It can only mark a completely broken connection. The minimum trace width is detected based on the specified track width, not based on how those tracks interact.

I don't know when ataradov checked this last but KiCad can do this. I think it was introduced in KiCad V7, but I am not sure.
The setting is in: PCB Editor / File / Board Setup / Design Rules / Constraints / Minimum connection width

And in DRC it looks like:

I checked on V8, but the project I tried had minimum connection with set to 0. I guess it got left at 0 after the version upgrades and I never adjusted it.

For me it was also set to zero. This probably disables it. I set it to 0.15mm to be able to verify it works and to make the screenshot.

I am not sure about the details. Maybe it's always set to zero by default.  :-//


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