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I'm designing the following component on kicad http://cds.linear.com/docs/en/datasheet/3469f.pdf

I want to set a pad clearance of 0.2mm but the only way I found to do it was to add a clearance of 0.1mm to each pad but that makes the most left and right pads to has only 0.1mm of pad clearance like the top clearance.

How would you do that?

thanks :)

Many of the footprints I've seen have overlapping pad clearance, just set it to 0,2mm ?

That way you have DRC errors :s

Doh, didn't think of that at the time i replied.  :P
Guess that's another issue with the standard kicad libs.

I can't see any options for offsetting the pad clearance, perhaps hacking the .mod file directly....  :-//


--- Quote from: metRo_ on October 06, 2013, 04:45:51 pm ---That way you have DRC errors :s

--- End quote ---

Nope, overlapping pad clearances don't cause DRC errors in KiCAD (wouldn't makes sense, anyway).
Perhaps ancient KiCAD versions had this issue, i don't know.

However, if your reply was to Arne's second picture, it indeed looks like adjacent pads poke into the clearance area of each other. Which would cause DRCs of course...


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