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Footprint/symbol for AO6800


This part is two AO3400 gates in one physical package.

The standard KiCad library does not have a schematic symbol for this part, although the footprint is a SOT-23-6. Is it more correct to draw one mosfet, then specify the footprint contains two instances or two mosfets side-by-side ? The two are independent and have no common connections. When drawing it as one mosfet (with two instances) part placement appears to drop an A followed by a B (for the two halves). It feels a bit existential, but one approach is probably more correct than the other.

DigiKey says the 6800 is an SC-74/SOT457  footprint.  Find anything in the existing library with an SC-74 and see if it fits.  There are footprint libraries on the Internet.  Ultralibrarian is just one example. 

The footprint is just that.  It generally doesn't care what the symbol is, just so the two are paired.


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