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Help please KiCad error


I am trying to learn by making a schematic then, PCB but when i generate netlist I am given an error.

Would someone be kind enough to help me . I will attach picture.

Do not be too hard on me . Just a beginner.



I can't say that I understand the error message. But, one problem I see, (probably unrelated) is that you have both the source and drain of the MOSFET connected to the same net.


--- Quote from: seedkey on April 11, 2022, 10:40:18 pm ---... but when i generate netlist I am given an error.

--- End quote ---

generating a netlist has been deprecated for 4 years or so in KiCad (for normal design workflow).
use the "Main Menu / Tools / Update PCB from Schematic [F8]" function instead.

For KiCad V6 there is also a newer version of the "Getting started in KiCad guide" on the KiCad website:


While using a netlist file for going from schematic to PCB is "deprecated" in KiCad, it should still work, until they remove it. (Which I hope not, because I actually want to be able to import netlists, generated by other tools, in the layout editor, but I don't care much about the schematics to netlist feature itself, so if the bug is just that the schematics editor generates netlist files that are non-conforming anymore for what the layout editor expects, it's ok - to me -, but still a bug.)

OP: could you post the .net file? (Which should be relatively small considering your schematic.)
From the error message, it seems to mean that there is an "export" keyword in the .net file that the layout editor doesn't like. This doesn't look good, as 'export' was definitely a valid token in netlist files (which are S-expressions.)

I'll have to do some testing, since I do use importing netlists in the layout editor myself, and the tool I use for generating netlists does use the 'export' token. Haven't tried yet this tool with KiCad 6. I'll report back. If they broke it, that is pretty bad - they "promised" they wouldn't.

Edit: I just tried (KiCad 6.0.4), and the netlist import feature in the layout editor isn't broken, it still works fine as with v5. So the issue must be with the schematic editor itself. As Doctorandus_P, going through netlists is not how you're supposed to work with the normal KiCad flow anymore, so if you're using the schematic editor, do not use this for going to PCB. Use the "update PCB from schematic" function.

Could you still post the .net file you got? I'm curious - since the import feature doesn't seem to be broken, I'm assuming the export feature in the schematic editor is, and while you're not supposed to use it anymore, I would still like to see what the problem is.

Instead of only posting the .net file, your problem is easier to diagnose if you delete the backup files from your project, then zip the whole project and post it.


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