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How to move all layers at the same time

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I'm evaluating KiCad 6.0-rc1 for move from Eagle, and it is a huge improvement compared to v5.

One thing I can't figure out is how to select and move components and traces on all layers. It looks like no matter what I do, selection tool only selects things on the active layer and when I try to move it, only selected things move.

So I have to separately move all electrical layers and mechanical layers too.

How do I select everything? It is a silly thing, but it does not come up too often in the tutorials.

Weird.  When I draw a rectangle to select a bunch of stuff and hit the 'm' key to move the selection, it all moves regardless of layer.  (Though I admittedly only tested it on a 4 layer layout with GND,PWR on the inner layers.)

This is on a nightly: (5.99.0-13283-gf5fc9fa11f), release build

I'm on a nightly builds and after some update 5.99 changed to 6.0.0-rc1, so I guess they are very close to release.  Although the package is still 5.99.0+really5.1.10+dfsg1-1

But the issue was there even on 5.99. A simple test - draw a line in Edge.Cuts layer, then draw a line in in F.Cu. F.Cu remains active layer. Draw selection rectangle, M for move. Only a line in F.Cu moves. This clearly makes no sense, and I don't see any settings for that.

It would also be a weird bug, so this appears intentional, and I'm just doing something wrong.

Even Ctrl-A for Select All only selects things in the current layer.

I wanted a rude username:
Do you have a selection filter applied? (All boxes in the Selection Filter toolbox should be checked.) Otherwise I'm not sure what would be causing the behaviour you're seeing ... I'm running 5.99.0-12374 and it behaves the same as always, i.e. Ctrl+A selects everything on all layers and a subsequent M moves all those things.

By the way ... it kind of solves the opposite problem (too many selected), but if you haven't played with it yet, once you have selected many items, try right-click -> Select -> Filter Selected Items...

Yes, all the boxes selected. I tried deselecting some/all of them and they behave as expected, so selection of corresponding items gets disabled. But with the added issue of only selecting items on the current layer.

So, something is broken on my side.


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