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How to re-annotate symbols with multiple units more easily?

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As one of the final steps before sending a PCB out for production, I often want to change the component numbering to make it more systematic. For devices with multiple sub-units (say the venerable 7400) I end up renumbering each gate individually in Eeschema, plus the separate power supply block. That is quite tedious and error-prone.

There must be an easier way to do this which I am overlooking? Ideally I would want to re-number the parts in layout view (Pcbnew) and back-annotate. But a shortcut to renumber all units of a given part in Eeschema would also be very helpful. Thanks for any hints!

(I did find this separate back-annotation software, but have not dared to use it. The version number 0.0.1 and the explicit "DO NOT USE IT" disclaimer in the readme file have scared me off... Has anybody put this to the test in earnest? https://github.com/weatherhead99/kicad_backannotate)

You can select the symbol and edit the IC identifier (the U?) and edit the unit letter with the drop down and the pin numbers will change to match. It's up to you to make sure there are no clashes before you update the PCB. ERC will catch any errors.

Sorry, I didn't make it clear enough what I want to do. I don't want to swap gates, but just change the reference number of the whole part. For example U15 shall be renamed to U20, for all four gates U15A .. U15D and the power block U15E.

Maybe the new geographic re-annotation feature in kicad 6,
I have not tried it.

With Kicad5 in the annotate dialog there is the option to also include the multi unit parts. It is usually important to not mix the units - so the middle option to reanotate all is dangerous as it also mixes different blocks like logic and power  :palm:. The last option keeps the units intact.


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