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KiCAD 0.1" card edge connector definition?


Hey All,

I find myself in the position of needing to create an extender board for adjustments of an old HP 83522A - I've found what looks like to be the right female connector on DigiKey and I ordered one to confirm that it does in fact work.

What I haven't done before is use KiCAD (years ago I worked using DipTrace but I think it's time to move to something more open) - The schematic and pathing are going to be really simple but I'm wondering if there is a library somewhere that already shows a 0.1" card edge connector that I can use - In this case, I need to have it as a 22 pad double sided PCB footprint (total of 44 connectors). Here are couple of images that show the type of thing I'm trying to duplicate (this one doesn't have enough contacts nor the right edge cut).

Extender board example

Target card & enclosure

Any pointers would be appreciated.



AFAIK there''s no foot print, looks like you will have to make one. Good starting point would be the ISA edge connector, which you will find under the "BUS_AT" name.
And don't be afraid to modify a footprint, pretty much all the relevant PCB tools are available.
Have fun!

I know it has been awhile, but did you ever create this extender card in KiCad?

Would love to see the card and how you did the files.

Yes, I did:

I'm absolutely not a KiCAD expert, hell, I'm just a KiCAD noob so there may be many mistakes in this but you can grab the files here:


If I did a second run, I would put gold on the contacts and fix up that little line of solder mask at the bottom.



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