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Kicad 5.1.8 on Mac - spinning wheel after every operation

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I have been using KiCad on a Mac Pro with MacOS 14 Catalina for some hobby projects, most recently v 5.1.7

I just upgraded to 5.1.8, and when I load existing schematics, EEschema now will show the operation (such as drawing a wire, deleting an object, etc.) right away, but delays 4-5 seconds (with spinning wheel) before updating the connections (i.e., new junction dots, wire to part connection, etc.)

However, if I start a new schematic, I don't observe that behavior.

I can imagine perhaps some setting or item in the schematic is causing EESChema to do some extra work for every operation.   It's  as if EESchema is crunching a large amount of data when processing the new configuration. 

Has anyone seen anything similar?  I am certain this is an odd corner case, as the software would never be released if if behaved as I observe on my system.  I would really be glad to find a fix.

Thanks in advance for any leads!


Is the file being edited on a networked drive? Is it a hierarchical drawing? There is a known bug that was reported a while back. I see it sometimes editing drawings on a Dropbox folder, also with Catalina

The file is not on Dropbox or a networked drive.  It is in a Git project, but I doubt that's relevant.

I just found that if I delete most of the schematic, or move a large number of items, the redraw is in slow-motion.  Once I've deleted most of the schematic, then the operation and the redraws speed up.  However, when I first open the schematic page, the rendering is instant, as is resizing and panning.   It seems like something more than graphics acceleration issues, especially since drawing a short wire segment results in a 5-second delay before drawing the junction dot.

Please check if this bug report is relevant to your problem, and maybe comment on it if you think it is:


Doesn't appear to be the same bug.  No network or virtual fs, just a regular fs.  And also, not all operations are slow.  For example, moving seems reasonably snappy, even if a junction is broken or formed.  But dragging causes a delay (after the part is dragged).  And undo/redo is slow-motion.

I don't see this behavior opening the same files with Kicad 5.1.8 on Windows 10 under Parallels.  That setup actually does mount my mac home directory as a network drive.

Even more confounding is that moving back to 5.1.7 doesn't seem to fix the problem, although I never observed this behavior before the 5.1.8 upgrade.


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