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KiCAD 6.0.11 released

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Cool. Saw it appear on gitlab a couple days ago.
I wasn't expecting a new v6 release as close to the v7 release. Wondering if v6 is still going to be in maintenance when v7 is out?

We weren't actually planning on a 6.0.11, but the Curl issue on Windows sort of forced our hand.

In general we stop doing dot-releases once the next major version comes out.  So I wouldn't expect a 6.0.12....


--- Quote from: johnboxall on January 26, 2023, 10:48:57 pm ---For more information see:

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Well, stable release(s) as always  :-DD

The other question rises, as V7 will be released at the end of Jan 2023 ... so go with soon with new or deal with old stuff?

JeffYoung: does it mean that from now KiCad will use whole numbers for each release?

hpw: what is the reason for laughing? “Stable” doesn’t mean “without bugs”. It just  it is meant for general public — in contrast to nightly, rc, main branch’s tip or future releases.


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