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KiCAD 7 (RC) - Testing and looking for feature "Skeletal View" ?

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Looks like there is now a stable 7.0.0 tag since yesterday https://gitlab.com/kicad/code/kicad/-/tags

Congratulations to all involved!

I guess they are still smoke testing various platforms before release announcement.

Up and running now from Fedora Copr repository. It says "7.0.0-1.fc37, release build". (Note that the Copr repository is experimental and not an official repository).

Several users are also getting excited because they already got V7.


And this is normal. It takes some time to roll out the new version on all platforms, and the official announcement is usually only made after it's available for all platforms. Otherwise there would be a lot of confusion and complaints about an version release that is not available for everyone yet.

Gonna try and build it. ;D


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