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Is it possible with KICAD to have an overview of a complete (very large) pcb, for example, on one screen and a detail view of a smaller section of the same pcb on the second monitor?

As far as I know two views of a PCB cannot be opened at the same time.
Given the ease of zooming in and out on Kicad, I prefer to have the schematic up on the second monitor.

There is a HTML BOM plugin which sort of does that. it's very good for component location for hand assembly  although I suspect you want it more for routing (it shows board outline & components but no track details)


--- Quote ---Is it possible with KICAD to have
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I don't think any package does that, but it would be super-cool if they would.

I tried to approach this from the other end, using an 'art' graphics pad to work on a portion of the screen:


You can have multiple instances of KiCad open at the same time, but it refuses to have two different instances of the same PCB open at the same time.

Dual monitor setup in KiCad is mostly useful for viewing the PCB and schematic at the same time. Whenever you click on a schematic symbol, Pcbnew pans & zooms (adjustable) to that part on the PCB, and vise versa. When you select a footprint on the PCB, then the schematic pans to that part too.


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