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KICAD and dual monitors

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You are not the first bugged w that

Sometimes i read forum w cup coffe and cel
. Gez  my fingers can barely fit screen

This size is typical to break.......................

Otherwise i can not use this f* cel

I will try the best


Guys, please calm down. No need to make a war between graphical lib packages.

There is an easy way to achieve this dual monitor though :
simply use the 3D viewer for the global view, and position it so as to see approx the 2D board.
You can improve the view with transparency of the substrate, and other graphical settings.


--- Quote ---simply use the 3D viewer for the global view
--- End quote ---

That's a pretty good solution  :-+

It doesn't update as you make changes, but a quick click in that window forces an update, so it's not that difficult to periodically do that. Gosh, if only Altium had a separate 3D window...


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