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I finally found 7.0 close enough to my mindset to give it a solid try.  And the venue I needed at the moment was a schematic for a tube radio.  I found little tube stuff for KiCAD so decided to dive in and create it.  A few months later I have had to scale back my original goal of having symbol, footprint and 3D models for every tube in RC-25, the 1965 Receiving Tube Data Book.  After expanding to RC-30 the 1970 version that added industrial tubes, I just wasn't ready to draw all of those symbols.

For anybody who needs a specific tube I am including here the tools to create your own fairly easily.  As a result of all of this I am still not ready to fully switch to KiCAD.  It is still orthogonal to some of my thought processes, so I may stick with what I have been doing.

The material provided here is not guaranteed to be suitable for anything.  I have tried to eliminate errors, but there were many sources, with me not the least of them.  If you depend on perfection in any of this data be sure to double check everything you use.

The Excel spreadsheet contains a list of the over 2000 tube types covered along with associate base diagram, socket required, outline and a little additional basic data.  The other attachments in this and the next posts include symbols for the first few dozen basing diagrams in RC-25 to use as examples, jpeg files with all of the required basing diagrams, footprints for the sockets that I was able to find PWB versions, and 3D models for the sockets and the tubes themselves.  I did not find PWB sockets for some of the more unusual types.  Acorn and Nuvistor being the main examples.

Not all of the socket models include VRML versions.  Many days of troubleshooting has not allowed me to export VRML files for the B7G and K8A sockets (Miniature 7 pin and octal).  The less pretty .step versions will have to suffice.

May not get this on to here.  I thought the attachments were sized to fit, but am getting errors.


Now the VRML

Tube outlines come a chunk at a time.


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