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I have started compiling some of the Windows daily builds using the information in the post by :


For anyone interested to try the latest KiCad build, here it is. Changes include brand new icons throughout.  New PCB calculator, and new microwave tools in the PCB package - create specified track length, create specified gap, create  specified stub, create a stub arc, create a polynomial shape. 

First install the latest stable release from:


Then download build 3312 (2011-12-17) from


Earlier builds:

Follow the instructions in the readme file.

This is a daily build - not a stable build so you may be forced to revert to build 3044.  Just copy the old files back, or reinstall.

Use at your own risk. I have used the Schematic package without any noticeable problems, , but none of the others packages with this build yet. I definitely have found bugs in earlier "testing" builds with new code, so be warned. If you want to start a large project, I would use a Stable build, like build 3044.

If you are trying to work out if it is worth giving KiCad a go, or sticking to one of the limited commercial packages with the slicker libraries, this may help.


Build 3285 of KiCad added. See the first post.

Thanks Richard, a lot of areas are improved in build 3285.

I think you forgot to add the readme in the zip file, but I found it from the other build. I include the instructions here:

"First start with the latest stable build - build 3044 2011-07-08

Copy the files in the zip into the Kicad\bin folder of the KiCad program folder,
overwriting the existing files.

Changes include new icons, a PCB calculator tool and some new tools for high
frequency PCB layouts."

Thanks Alex.

I will add the reader tomorrow. I forgot about it.

I just added Daily build 3312 of KiCad.




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