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Kicad domain changes to kicad.org ~~Avoid links to the previous domain!~~

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The KiCad domain name has changed, this is what they said in the post about it. This is the first paragraph of the announcement, there is more information in the link below.

--- Quote ---The original KiCad domain name (kicad-pcb.org) was recently sold to an unnamed third party that is not affiliated with the KiCad Project or members of the KiCad Development Team. This sale was unexpected and may pose a risk to KiCad users. The new owners may simply post advertisements or (worst-case scenario) they may host malicious versions of the KiCad software for download.
--- End quote ---


I don't understand why do people do stuff like this..... :palm:

Just..... give them the domain.

Jerk assholes

This sort of thing just does not hold on court...

But..  takes  time. And wastes money


In American courts, it certainly holds up.

When the Cleveland Browns football team was sold and moved to Baltimore, someone apparently forget to buy the name too.  Thus, we now have the Baltimore Ravens and still have a team called the Cleveland Browns in Cleveland, Ohio.

As to why?  Whoever owned KiCad-pcb had a valuable property and sold it.  Things like that seem to happen all the time.

Mr. Hollenbeck is such a Dick. ;) But, seriously, I will not judge him — I have no idea what exactly has happened there, how he was involved in the transaction, if he was, and in what situation.

The reason this has happened is not a single person failure. It’s the same story as with uncountable other community endeavours: organizational affairs are a dumpster fire. Everything is a makeshift structure glued together with hope and neglect, with attempts to introduce safeguards sometimes treated as an expression of distrust, nearly a personal attack.

This year another huge incident like that happened, with the Freenode network.


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