Author Topic: kicad ECAD meets MCAD with kicad StepUp script: STEP model of pcb and assemblies  (Read 2973 times)

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Hi, for 3D MCAD conversion from kicad ECAD environment I've done this script: 'Kicad StepUp script ECAD to MCAD':
With kicad StepUp, it is possible to work in kicad EDA with the same component model data available in the STEP AP214 3D format, and obtain a 3D STEP AP214 model of the pcb board and a complete board assembles with electronic modules, to be used for MCAD interchange.
The accurate 3D visualization of components on board assembles in kicad 3dviewer, is maintained in the same accuracy and aspect in STEP AP214 format.
here there is a video tutorial of the script:
kicad StepUp video howto
and attached there is a picture of how the ECAD and MCAD environments can be matched each other...

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Nice pictures!
However, I don't understand the workflow here. Could you explain what your script actually does?
Does it take STEP files for components found online and convert them so that KiCAD can use them?

Is it possible to include 3D STEP models with the KiCAD standard library in the future?


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Hi AW,

the workflow is very simple and maintains the usual way to work with kicad:
the user has just to substitute Wings3D as modeler with FreeCAD.
You can start to add models to your library creating 3D models in FreeCAD,
or getting models from online libs (please pay attention to the license of using them)
or from the parametric 3D lib expressly done to kicad (
Once you have your 3D MCAD model, you need to have a copy of that in STEP and VRML format.
This is possible just exporting the model with FreeCAD (VRML format exported by FC is kicad compatible :) )
Then just put your model in the same folder in which normally you are used to put vrml models, and the script will assembly the MCAD board and models as in 3d-viewer of kicad.

Here you can find a wiki
and a starter guide

The kicad StepUp script has a fully contained demo board to test it, with 3D VRML and STEP models at

At this link the kicad MOD-MPU9150 board with all 3D models (VRML and STEP) and the full assemblies
(a self contained fully working example of OLIMEX MOD-MPU9150):
of the OLIMEX board: board which is done with kicad.

and here the picture of the 3D board converted in MCAD:

You can find a nice video at YouTube of a kicad drone copter (Crazyflie) converted from kicad to MCAD:

This video is a demo of what can be done in kicad, for an ECAD MCAD collaboration.

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