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I like to know if someone have tried to import your custom footprint library (*.mod) to the system (fp-lib-table)?

And have someone tried to convert to the new format (*.mod to *.pretty)?


I have manually added my old library files (.mod) to the new fp-lib-table under windows, no problems at all.

A couple of tings to remember is to use plugin type as Legacy, and set the environment variables according to your system:

--- Code: ---KISYS3DMOD=C:\DropBox\KiCad
--- End code ---

If you find it difficult to add the libs from the library you can edit the file manually with a text editor, the file is located in C:\Users\Name\AppData\Roaming\kicad.

Didn't try to convert anything.

In witch file where i can find "KISYS3DMOD" and "KISYSMOD"?

In each project, i copy the folder with library/modules. In the older versions worked fine.

I'm using linux.

Those are are environment variables, set them in your .profile.

--- Code: ---SET KISYS3DMOD=C:\DropBox\KiCad
SET KISYSMOD=C:\DropBox\KiCad\modules

--- End code ---

I don't know the exact path to these folders on linux, but it should be something like /usr/kicad/share.


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