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KiCAD - NPTH vs. Cut out?

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Ok, so I guess let me explain what I am trying to do here:

I am using an RF mosfet driver, the DEIC420 (http://www.ixysrf.com/pdf/driver_ics/deic420.pdf), and I'd like place a cutout around the body of the device so it settles down into the board - allowing for me to get at it from both sides for heat sinking.  Plus I wouldn't have to bend the legs down to meet the board and I could minimize their lengths even further.

I am using KiCAD and at first I made the footprint for the device and placed a non-plated through hole (NPTH) specified in the pin placement settings, I believe it was.  I made it the correct dimensions and positioning.   After bringing this into the layout environment I noticed it was a weird color.  I couldn't really tell what layer it was on.  It was kind of a gross green/brown color (top and bottom layers super imposed?).  I tried spitting out some gerbers and viewing them but the area seemed like it showed up as a big copper pad on the top and bottom layers.  This is not what I was going for, obviously.

My question is: is this the correct way of achieving this kind of cut out in your design with regards to KiCAD?  Does this sort of thing have to be done in the layout environment or can it be specified in the footprint design?  I would prefer the cutout just be part of the footprint itself since its orientation and positioning with regards to the rest of the pads is important.  Additionally, I would like to reuse the footprint without having to do the cutout manually in the layout every time.

Any advice or thoughts will be much appreciated.  I can provide some screen shots later this evening (PST) if needed.

Could you post an image?

It's unfortunate that currently you can't add routing / milling / tracks to footprints in KiCad. You can add copper, but it doesn't get recognized as a valid track and DRC may throw errors.

Sure, let me do it this evening if I can remember.

In your own time ;-)

Its going to have to be this weekend because I am quite busy this week - sorry.  :D  I really want some advice still though!


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