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Hi all, is anyone running kicad successfully under mac os? If so, can you help me with the required directory structure?

i.e. what directory structures are needed in /Library/Application Support/kicad and /Applications/kicad ?
and which files belong in which subdir?


I installed it last year from a guy called brokentoaster, who makes Mac builds. I think I had to get the library files separately.

It was unusable. Dragging and dropping was laggy, to the point where the graphic of the object you were moving became invisible. It may be better now, but it is highly experimental. Use the Linux version under VirtualBox if you are intending to use KiCAD for actual projects.


It is "experimental" so running the windows version in an Windows virtual machine will probably still work much better.

When I tried it it seemed unable to recognize mouse movements until the pointer left the window (some sort of event handling bug?)  Unusable. :-(

they should flush native OSX-ness and get it working under X11 on MacOS; that should be pretty much the same as linux, which would be a fine start!

You can probably already do that under Wine.

Native OS X is preferable if (when) they get it working.


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