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KiCad price increase!!!

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Read it and weep :palm:



Happy April fool's! :-DD


--- Quote ---Obviously, inflation touches everything. Even software. While we used to write in 1s and 0s, these days, we are forced to develop KiCad using 2s and 3s instead. Note that this represents average inflation of over 200%. We are fortunate that the bean counters at KiCad corporate were able to maintain the overall price increase at just 50%!
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if you are going to use 2's and 3's, I think there are more symbols that are available in some math system, somewhere.

sumerians used base 60.  lets try that for computers.  works well for telling time.

Omg, 200% increase of $0. So bad!  :)

That’s very unfair. They are forcing me to download two copies now! Otherwise I would have to pay half a zero, which is not possible. I demand a refund on all copies I downloaded so far. :(


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