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I'm currently designing a device that has to be split into logic and power boards to fit the case (and to make sense). My CAD of choice was always KiCAD (just got used to it) and I'd rather not switch to Eagle or other package if I don't really have to. So far I see two approaches, one is doing everything on a single schematic and then somehow keep track of what components go to which board or to do two separate projects. Both options sound like a pain in the ass.

Can someone share his method of managing multiple boards for a single device? Any tips and trick welcome.

I think forget about the idea of a single schematic with two boards where each board has only half the components placed. Every time you run a rule check, you will be flooded with irrelevant errors, and it will also see the connectivity that belongs on the second board.

All of these are issues that can be worked around, but it seems like a messy approach.

Two projects is probably the simplest solution. 

Otherwise you can also lay out the two break-apart boards side-by-side, and you could actually get them manufactured like that. It could save board manufacturing costs.


Thanks for answering. It's going to be just a single prototype to check if it'll work, so I'll do separate projects for now.

A little late, but.... :)

You could use hierarchical sheets and generate net-lists for each board separately and then load each of those into pcbnew.
Move the footprints before loading the second net-list so they doesn't get stacked on top of each other.

I haven't tested this thoroughly, but it should work just fine.


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