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KiCad's 2021 End of Year Fund Drive

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Part of KiCAD's success is thanks to receiving funding used to accelerate development and cover general costs. Considering the rapid progress that has been made in the past year or two, if you find value in the software - please donate towards the development of KiCAD. $1, $5, $20k, whatever - it all helps. If you're making profitable products using KiCAD, why not donate? And yes, we did.

from kicad.org
Thanks to a generous donation from KiCad Services Corporation, we are currently running a matching donation campaign through January 15th. All donations will be matched dollar for dollar by KiCad Services. Please consider donating today and make your contribution to KiCad go further than ever.

For more information and to donate, see the links at the top of https://www.kicad.org/

Easy $100 going their way. I just installed nightly builds on my main machine. Over the past couple weeks I migrated all the Eagle libraries I had to KiCad in a VM, and after doing that I don't ever want to launch Eagle ever again. Version 6 finally made KiCad a tool I can use without any major complaints.

Thanks for the note. i've just donated (again).

Me too, again.  I like V6 (5.99), but V5.xx has been extremely useful.

Me too, good stuff! :-+


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