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Libraries in KiCAD (Mac OS)

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It is frustrating but yes... you are correct,  I still can make a bunch of good engineering with some tools: matlab and microchip's mplab are good examples, LTspice can be easly ported too

I tried installing the files from mdx4 moving the executables into "Applications" and the libraries into "Libraries/Application Support".

This seems to work.
The default project and the other content in the template folder isn't included.

* To create the default template you open the "kicad" program and from there you start eescema and pcbnew.
* In eescema and pcbnew you go to preferences->library and add the libraies.
* After this you rename the .pro file (in the executable folder) to kicad.pro.
I did this on work, so I haven't been able to test it extensively.


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