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Hello I have downloaded the lastest version of KiCAD and the learning curve is hitting me, In every tutorial I see a different screen to add a component, I am looking for this button "By Lib Browser", as seen in figure 3


In my machine there is no button to add a  "By Lib Browser"  :-//

Do you know if I missed a step?

Unless I'm missing something, there's something seriously wrong with your installation. Both the latest testing and the latest stable have that button (though it's renamed to "Select by Browser"). What is your actual release number (version or date/revision from the About box)?

Do you have a "Library Browser" under the Tools menu?

My version is build 2013-mar-25-stable (MacOs 10.8.5), and yes I have the "Library Browser" under the Tools, however I can only see the "power" lib

I followed this instructions http://www.mdx4.org/index.php?/categories/5-Kicad,  to unzip Library-20-03-30.zip to /Library/Application Support/

I have to do this every time I have a new project?

As far as I can see is a problem with the libraries, I would try to reinstall everything and let you know.

You might have to open your default project (kicad.pro) and add the libraries, it should be located in <kicad-install-folder>/share/template.
Make sure you do this for both the schematic symbols (eeschema) and the footprints (pcbnew), and save the kicad.pro file.

I use the windows version, so I can't provide help on the Mac specifics.

Wow, March 25? That is not the latest KiCad... or maybe it is, for Mac...

Couldn't tell you why the button isn't there, but yeah, you can just use the selection under the Tools menu. I think you'll find you don't use it much once you learn most of the names of the parts - just press A, type a name and press enter.

And yes, figure out where the default project template is installed and add the libraries to it. I'm a bit shocked they're not installed by default. Haven't used KiCad for Mac, though.


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