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linking symbols to footprints in KiCAD

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Well I'm chewing through KiCAD and have completed a board in it however I cannot get one of the parts to be included in the ratsnest. This is my LM78L05 of all parts, the symbol has pin numbers on it and so does the footprint, I've rebuilt the netlist and rerun board connectivity but nothing. I was successful on my SOT-323 parts but not the TO92, why ?

You could post the project, if you want, and I would try it.

might be worth a try, ultimately I need to know the solution as it looks like I'll be having a lot of this (until they get it sorted out and works more seamlessly). Which files would you need ? might be easier to email them

If you attach the files more people can help.

I've not done a PCB for awhile but I can't remember KiCad being that hard to use. I remember thinking last time you should give software more of a chance before giving up and I'm glad you have. Often better software with more features takes longer to learn than simple software with less features.

KiCAD has an option to "archive" projects, you can use it and it will pack all of the necessary files of the project.


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