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My +12V net is now called "SRN"


Hi everyone.

Just as the title says. I cannot explain how or why or what "SRN" means. The net was tied to +12V symbol in the schematic. Any idea what append? Also, if I try to create say a power planed tied to 12V, I will always find it as SNR.

Did you edit the schematic after creating the PCB layout? Because I can see some other net names also being wrong: Pins 6 and 7 of U9 are connected to “Net-(R5-Pad2)”, but in the schematic it’s R6. Pad 1 of the resistor goes to “Net-(Q1-G)”, despite it goes to Q2.

If you changed/renamed things, did you select “Update PCB from schematic” in PCB editor? Was there no errors/warnings?

I am constantly changing stuff in the schematic while working on the PCB layout and always updating the PCB for concistency.
When I update the PCB there are no errors regarding this issue

You have a short of SRN trace with this one somewhere in PCB. KiCAD trying to avoid such shorts, but sometimes he can't help it (for example - when you change schematic and some refdes or pins changed they nets, when you update PCB, and get what you got)
KiCAD do not complain about shorts (as they created), but it will complain in DRC run (if you will check 'test for parity between PCB and schematic')


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