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I start toy route my first pcb in KiCad. But I forget to include a component in my design. How I can include it to my design with out reroute all the pcb. And also how I can make wire jumpers to my design. For example I want to add the R4 in series with pin 3 of 555 at pin 14 of 4017.

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First you add the resistor to the schematic, recreate the netlist, read it into pcbnew. Then just add the tracks.

2 ways to use wire jumpers:

a) increase the via drill size to your wire diameter and use the bottom layer for jumpers only
b) use 0-Ohm resistors


I am only new at Kicad too.
It scares me when I change the schematic as I am afraid of losing work.

But  I think you have to annotate the schematic as well, to get your netlist.

schematic, annotate, recreate the netlist, read it into pcbnew. Then just add the tracks.

There are annotate options here that can muck the netlist up, so be careful.

ps. Being a programmer I also use source control (subversion) on my Kicad files. .sch, .lib, .mod, .net , .pcb.
I find it is especially useful as most Kicad files are text files. So you can see more easily what the differences are.
I would recommend using source control with Kicad to everyone.
Does anyone else do this?

Yes, revision control is very important!

Personally I use GIT, which is of course vastly superior. It's even better than tiramisu!  ;D

I have been using svn with all its warts for 10 years, so I am used to it and importantly I have never lost any work because of it.
I am not sure of gits advantages, in my experience it is
Git 2 vs Me 0
Once with Restore Snapshot which didn't restore anything, and once with some other sort of recover command that wasn't called anything like recover and didn't perform any recovery. ( Sorry can't remember the names but they are on the standard apple menu in XCode.)

ie Lost my work, couldn't be bothered trying to dig it out of the file system, it's probably still on the machine somewhere. Admittedly It was a version integrated with Xcode.
I since installed SVNX onto the Mac and it uses my windows SVN repository, which is nice and it is now centrally backed up.
I am not even sure of the Advantages of a Git Style 2 stage repository for small projects, seems like a waste of time.
I tend to steer away from things if I feel the level of hype doesn't match my experience, things in this category for me are

Each to their own, I guess.


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