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I have tentatively fooled around with various schematic diagram drawing software but find it lacking.  For instance, I want to draw a diagram of a high power linear amplifier but can't find a triode tube in the symbol library.  Further, I find no easy path to creating one.

Any suggestions?

Is this for publication or private use?  If the latter, just draw a box or circle with the right number of pins.  The only thing where what you draw is important is the package, and that's only important when you are making a PCB.

If for something public, then just draw it yourself.   I am a longtime Eagle user, and for anything other than passives (e.g,. rcl), common logic, mosfets, etc., I usually use my own library.  The sooner you get over that hurdle of doing your own devices, the easier life will be.  There are sites with professionally designed devices, but I rarely use them.

Some examples of those sites:

Drawing new symbols is easy, I do it all the time. I've seen some people waste a huge amount of time trying to avoid creating new symbols and footprints but once you figure out how to use the editor it takes only a few minutes. For simple parts it's often faster to draw a custom symbol than it is to find one to download.

Thanks for the replies but it doesn't seem to get me where I want to go.  I don't know how to draw or create symbols.  I have tried it in several of the low end free packages and I seem to spin my wheels.

Can someone walk me through building a symbol?  Say, a triode tube with a plate cap.  I seem to remember doing this many years ago without a problem but I forgot which program or what procedure.

A quick search turned up a valve library, there may be others: https://kicad.github.io/symbols/Valve

Just add it to your personal library. If the tube model you want isn't there just take another symbol with the same electrodes and alias or copy it to your symbol name. You may also have to change the footprint or assign it later.

Edit: Actually it turns out that library is already in the standard distribution for 5.1.11, not sure why you didn't find it when you ran the symbol browser in KiCad.


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