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When I want some parts of my PCB to have exposed copper surfaces, how do I proceed? Adapting the .mask wille leave the copper opened but finished according to HASL or ENIG selection. I do not want that in this case, realy pure copper surface is what I need. Is there a way?

That's a question for the PCB manufacturer. KiCAD has nothing to do with it.

Each manufacturer will have their rules and requirements about that - a few may not even offer this possibility.

If they do, they'll pretty much each ask for something different, so yes, just ask.
A general safe bet is to create an additional custom mask layer with the areas to exclude from finish.

Note that no finish at all is an odd choice. Raw copper oxidizes extremely quickly, and if there are unfinished areas right in the middle of finished ones, copper may start oxidizing at the edges of the finish and eventually damage the PCB over time. What do you want to achieve?

So it is not standard practice to have blank copper surfaces. Indeed, it oxidizes quicklybut it offers the best thermal conduction when treated properly. I hoped it was possible to include this demand in the Gerbers . Well, there are ways to remove the solder mask.
Thanks for clarifying.

It's not a problem making holes in the solder mask, KiCAD can do that.
The issue is: what's the manufacturer going to do? Tin-plate it? Gold-plate it? HAL-surface? Leave blank?
Only the manufacturer can answer those questions.


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