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Rectangular pad drill


I'm designing a PCB that will got a RCA connector. How should I design it? http://anacapa.kycon.com/Pub_Eng_Draw/KLPX-0848A-2-x.pdf
Will I have problems manufacturing it? like at seeedstudio?

Thank you

It is OK, they have a four dimensional drill, which is rotating in a way that it leaves a square hole in our reality. How do you imagine it?
Make a round hole bigger than your pin. It is that easy.

But how can I make it rectangular on kicad?

Do you mean a square hole?  In Altium you can make a slotted hole and set the width and length separately.

You'd supply a milling layer to the PCB manufacturer along with the other Gerber files.

In KiCAD's module editor, you can make a silkscreen line for your slot then edit the file in a text editor and change the layer number of the line to your milling layer—you'll need to override the function of one of the layers and fiddle with the Gerber files manually. (See https://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Kicad/file_formats#Layer_numbering for layer numbering details ...)

Milling is usually wicked expensive and not worth it for the hobbyist. Better to just make a round hole that's big enough to clear corner-to-corner on the recommended pin. On your example, I'd make both holes around 2.2mm and be done with it.


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