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I'm working on a group project in KiCAD 5 and when editing the main page it somehow renumbered all the pages.  Since we are working remotely most of our communications uses page numbers for reference.  This creates obvious problems when the page numbers change seemingly randomly.

Google showed me 9 year old conversations that simply show the problem, no solutions.  Did I not use enough Google fu and the answers are there awaiting my discovering them?  Anyone know a simple way to manage/renumber the page numbers?

I got a reply on the kicad site that 5.99 supports changing page numbers.  But that is not a current main line release.  Anyone know if 5.99 would be file compatible with 5.1.9 which is the current release?  I've asked the same question there.


    If I use revision 5.99 will that cause compatibility issues with the rest of the team using 5.1.9?

Simple answer, yes.

5.99 is using a completely new file format for schematics (and symbol libraries) that 5.1.x doesn’t know about. I just read on another thread that there is hope that 5.99 will become v6RC1 out in a month or two (the thread actually placed that date at the end of April, but I’m hedging my bets). Until then, check out this plugin:

Yeah, I figured out that 5.99 is really the 6.x prerelease copy and a lot is being changed including apparently page numbering. 

So the real question then becomes, I was able to change page numbers by whatver I did when I edited the main sheet and screwed it up.  So there must be a way to fix it using similar manipulations.

If you delete a block from the main schematic page, does it delete the schematic file for that block?  Is there a way to include a schematic file as a block on the main page rather than starting from scratch with a new page?  I'm wondering if changing the page number is as easy as deleting a page and then adding the schematic file back as a new block with a page number at the end of the sequence?

Or maybe I need to copy the block on the main page and delete the original?

phil from seattle:
It does not delete the underlying file - I wish it had the option to do so. If you create a hierarchical sheet, it gives you the option of specifying file name. If the file exists, there is a dialog where you confirm that you want to include the file. All the usual library caveats apply.  I have several building block schematic files that I include in a number of projects that way.


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