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The freerouter that interfaces with kiCAD


Well i have gotten into the habit of using the freerouter thingy that interfaces with KiCAD to route boards, it helps me optimize layouts as I'm happy to not take the first option and go back and move stuff around. It is good that it tries so hard and will run even thousands of runs but at what point does it stop ? I've done more than 3100 passes on a board and at the moment it is just "oscillating" between 2 options as it can't route all of the connections, will it ever give up ? when do i stop it ?

Just stop it and route the remaining connections yourself. Simples.


The autorouter sometimes gets stuck.

Usually you can see where is the culprit (it will be a very crammed place near the trace it's trying to route). Can usually be fixed by making more space there, and just restarting.

Yea that's what I've started doing


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