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TTF Support for Schematic and PCB Silkscreen in KiCAD 6.0.4?


Can anyone who is using KiCAD 6.0.4. (the current release) conform that TTF is now supported on the Schematic, PCB and Drawing Layout Editors?

I am given to understand a chap called Jeff Young added the necessary code extensions that another developer added for tentative system font support and certainly the changelog for the nightly build says "you can now use Comic Sans to your heart's content!"

If this is the case can someone post KiCAD screenshots and examples please?

If this is now the case I can migrate from Easy PC to KiCAD and give me the incentive to buy Peter Dalmaris's new KiCAD 6 course as soon as pocket–money permits!

Chris Williams

Kicad Nightly means kicad 6.99 (currently), it is a completely work in progress build for kicad 7. It is available for use at your own risk.

6.0.x will never have the feature.


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